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Ergonomic Foot Rests

Most Office workers are not familiar with Ergonomic Foot Rests

One of the most overlooked aspects to a good ergonomic office system are foot rests. We often focus on our chair and our backs, but what about our feet?

Footrests Benefit Office Health

According to humanscale, studies have shown that 70% of Women and 40% of men have health issues with blood clots, varicose veins, and fluids pooling in the lower limbs. This is caused by sitting for long periods of time with inactive lower limbs. Often times a foot rest can help with this a little. The big benefit to footrests is that they get you into a good ergonomic position.

Humanscale Foot Machine

However, humanscale and other companies are taking this a step further with what Humanscale calls a foot machine. Their product promotes movement with in the lower extremities that increases a healthy circulation.

The Webble

Another company that creates a similar product is brite objects. Their product is called the webble. As of this writing it is not on the market, although their website states that it will be in the winter of 2007, so it should hopefully be anytime now.