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The Steelcase Think Ergonomic Office Chairs

The smart choice in ergonomic office chairs.

The Steelcase Think Ergonomic Office Chair is smart. This chair will adjust to how you sit, without the need to mess with controls and levers. Also, this is a very eco-friendly, green office chair.

steelcase think ergonomic office chairs

The Steelcase Think Ergonomic Office Chairs

A True Ergonomic Office Chair

The Think ergonomic office chair was built with a great understanding on how people sit throughout the day. This chair will adjust to how you sit and help keep you relaxed.

Ergonomic Chair Back

As you move your back and hips in this chair, the chairs back flexors move with you to keep you in a good posture. Your spine will stay in the correct alignment as the chair conforms to your shape.

Just the Right Recline

With the Think office chair, you will not feel like you're going to suddenly tip over while leaning back. The chair will give you just the right amount of support –  no matter you weight – while you lean back.

The Arms Are Smart too

The Think chair's arms will move back so that you can get even closer to your desk. They will also pivot and move up and down.

This Office Chair Keeps the Blood Flowing

If you lean forward or recline in most office chairs, you can start to cutt-off you circulation. Even a little slower circulation can have a big effect if you're in your office chair all day long. The Think seat's edges are flexible, and they will not cut into the back of your legs - keeping the bloof moving.

One Control for Four Settings?

The Think chair has a "Your Preference Control" that will change the settings of your chair with ease.

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Think Ergonomic Office Chairs

The Leap office chairs and the Think office chairs are both solid ergonomic chairs. Find a local store that carries both of these chairs and see how they feel. If it's a good fit, these ergonomic office chairs could save you some RSI down the road.

More about the Steelcase Think Office Chairs

More information on the Think office chairs is on the Steelcase website. Steelcase also has a great deal of information on ergonomics.

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Steelcase has other office Chairs

Steelcase offers other ergonomic office chairs. My top picks are the leap office chairs, the think office chairs and the criterion office chairs.