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The Humanscale Liberty Ergonomic Office Chairs

Are you thinking of buying a Humanscale Liberty Chair?

The Humanscale Liberty Ergonomic Office Chairs uses Form-Sensing Mesh Technology to fit your body just right. The lumbar support is made to fit everybody, without external devices or manual adjustments. This is a crucial aspect to office chairs – lumbar support. This is the biggest complaint for most men that spend all day in their office chairs, a soar back. (Most women who spend all day in their office chairs complain of a soar neck).

humanscale liberty ergonomic chair

These functions come standard on the Humanscale Liberty Chair

Self-Adjusting Reclining Office Chair

Regardless of your size or weight, this chair will give you just the right amount of support as you lean-back. This means there are not tension springs to adjust or locks to set. While you lean back, the chair helps stabalize you in an ergonomic position.

Strong Back Support

This chair has built in lumbar support, meaning there is no extra piece that you need to strap-on (like the Aeron Chair for example). The Liberty Chair will adjust to the needs of your back as you lean back and the mesh of the chair will conform to you body while supporting you. Also, the mesh is not abrasive. This chair is also modular, which makes it easy to replace parts.

An Office Chair for Everybody

The seat cushion sculpts to your body, decreasing pressure points and the seat height will fit 95% of users.

Options for the Humanscale Liberty

  • No armrests - fixed armrests or adjustable.
  • Gel Seat Cusion – this is a nice option if you sit in the chair all day long. It even helps ease a soar back.
  • Arm Pads - Flexible urethan or gel
  • A range of cylinder heights - with optional foot rings.
  • Fire Proofing

Are you Buying a Liberty Chair?

Remember to try the chair out first? Before you make the online order, find a local store that carries the Humanscale Liberty Chair and try it out. There are not a lot of manual controls on the chair, it automatically adjustst to your body - make sure you like that before you buy.

More info on the Humanscale Liberty Office Chairs

Are you looking for more information on the Humanscale Liberty Office Chairs Go to the official source at Humanscale.

Buy Humanscale Liberty office chairs here

Can't Afford a Humanscale Liberty?

These chairs are not cheap, but they're worth their weight in gold if you are in office chairs all day. There are other places to get cheaper ergonomic chairs. I suggest going to your local Office Depot and trying the chairs out there. You don't have to pay shipping which is a bonus. Just make sure you get a highly adjusable office chair - and remember, you get what you pay for!