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Herman Miller Celle Ergonomic Office Chairs

Go green with this eco friendly Celle Chair.

The Celle (pronounced sell'-a) office chairs have a Cellular Suspension – a system of cells and loops that work together for comfort – all-day-long. The Celle also has a natural balanced tilt and it is easily adjustable. This office chair gives great ergonomic support, for nearly every body type. For those of us that are concerned with the environment, this chair is eco-friendly and 99% recyclable.

Herman Miller Celle Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Celle Chair

A Great Ergonomic Office Chair

The Herman Miller Celle Office Chair if highly adjustable with an innovative suspension. This office chair is great for long periods of computer use to a great meeting chair. The Cellular Suspension is made of pliable polymer, molded into cells and loops – this gives you variable amounts of flex as you sit and move in your office chair. The extra flex helps to conform to your shape as your weight shifts. This office chair, much like it's mesh chair cousins, helps keep air flowing through the material of the chair.

Wonderful Office Chair Ergonomics

The celle office chair Harmonic tilt lets you move around in the chair, stay balanced and keep you comfortable. The hallmark of any ergonomic office chair is adjustability - the celle is highly adjustable and the controls are easy to use. This chair is so adjustable, Herman Miller claims that it will fit 95% of the people in North America.

Versatile Office Chair.

The Celle chair is very versatile - it comes in a variety of looks, the design is straightforward and it has a reasonable price for an ergonomic office chair. It is a great chair for offices, conference areas and any space that needs a comfortable, flexible chair.

A Greener Office Chair

Herman Miller designed and built the Celle chair with eco-friendly processes. The chair is 99% recyclable – which is huge! It contains 33% recycled material. However, the Celle is also build to last and parts are easily interchangeable if you have a problem.

Striking Office Chair

The Celle Office chair has a distinctive look that sets it apart from other office chairs. The Cellular Suspension is similar to mesh chairs, but altogether different – it doesn't stand-out like the Aeron does. There are 6 color choices for the cellular membrane and upholstery options in 17 colors.


Are you Looking for a Green Chair?

The Herman Miller Celle ergonomic office chairs are eco friendly. The Celle office chairs are 99% recyclable. The Celle Office chairs are 33% recycled content.

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Are you looking to buy Herman Miller Celle Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Are you looking for more information on the Herman Miller Celle Office Chairs. Remember to try out the chair before you buy online. Herman Miller says that 95% of people will fit this chair. But try it to make sure you love it.

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Herman Miller Makes great Office Chairs

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